The caliber of existence depends upon the caliber of what you are. That which you really become. Everything boils lower to how morally good and ethical one is. So now you ask , how can we make everybody be a good moral person? Since ancient occasions we recognize the significance of teaching moral values. We educate it exactly the same way we educate science and math by supplying the understanding of negative and positive. One key element that the field of education has still not completely woken as much as, regardless of each one of these 1000’s of years of research, is the fact that because there are 2 kinds of intelligences – regular and emotional – both need a different algorithm for education. Emotional intelligence education alters the particular physical infrastructure from the brain. Emotional intelligence education starts in the womb. And continues through hugs and kisses along with a nurturing childhood atmosphere. When the kid is 6 years of age the moral characteristics are very well set throughout the individual’s existence.

To really insure moral education we have to learn to educate the person in the fetus and also the child stage. Thus we have to come up with templates and manuals for future parents, current pregnant ones and individuals with kids.

Please think about the following:

There is a king who had been very troubled because his everyone was inadequate. He didn’t get sound advice. He heard about this kingdom where individuals were very prosperous and resided in mansions as well as marble castles. So he visited the king of the place and requested him the way they could live such as this. The king told him it had become quite simple he just passed a structure code which everybody in the kingdom needed to follow. So our king returned and passed legislation that everybody must develop a marble palace!

Now in the kingdom most can afford a straw hut, others can afford a vacation cabin. And others can afford a cement mansion along with a couple of can afford a marble palace. Therefore the nobleman law entered effect and absolutely nothing altered. Only a couple of marble castles emerged. Aside from the select couple of the remainder were not capable of building marble castles.

It’s the same with regards to morality. We’ve moral laws and regulations so we expect everybody to follow along with them. We spend vast amounts of dollars on crime prevention and containment yet nothing changes.

The only method to change and lower crime is as simple as altering the physical excellence of the brain that generates the moral compass of the baby. Thus ethics education means not only telling people what’s good and what’s bad. It’s about allowing the right moral infrastructure generating brain.

The mind has four fundamental levels the following:

1) Premature brain – (I’ve quantified it as being -2) Individuals stuck about this level possess the moral values of the snake. In their eyes they’re everything and everybody else is certainly not. They’re over the law and everybody else is underneath the law. No quantity of moral education will change them. Punishment may be the only deterrence as well as this they frequently ignore. Their physically mental abilities are too much morally gone.

2) Immature brain – (I’ve quantified it as being -1). Individuals stuck about this level are corrupt. In their eyes they deserve the very best, by hook or by crook. Current ethics education won’t change them almost as much ast their moral values originate from an entrenched envy producing brain infrastructure. We must awaken that we will need to change this brain infrastructure.