Soon a persons brain is going to be completely interfaced using the computer. The advantage to mankind is going to be truly significant. The fact is that Arthur C Clark in the short tales spoken about categories of people being connected instantly by neuron transmitting devises under the skin layers. You may have all of the world’s understanding and latest research all inside a nick linked to your mind. Today we have seen the beginnings of the with teens with mobile phones and PDA devices utilized in Flash Mobs. This type of computer, communication, brain interface will be the next logical step as SciFi meets Moore’s Law and Durch completes their latest Media Lab exploit of Nano tech gone wild.

The communication device could be instantly, the “Internet inside your mind” so that you can only think of the possibilities, business and communication in the Speed of Thought. Rather of buying and selling Music Player music on the web, you’d be buying and selling encounters in 4D, and thought using Nano-Tech computer, which interfaces using the enhanced brain. You could do this real-time research with people of certain groups over the sea so when someone designed a discovery, time to create the white-colored paper or peer review could be immediate.

Thus cutting lower the study time for you to alongside zero. Should you read certain books for example Prescription towards the Future and also the 500 year Delta, Futurists book reviews yet others focusing on these problems you can observe where we’re headed. Many are concerned about this however i am rather intrigued around the options for that betterment of mankind. Will computers be smarter than humans? Computers and humans is going to be one out of this situation, so we are equal. Rather from the preverbal file swapping or file discussing, you’ll be thought swapping. The long run is closer than you believe, have you thought about this?